Billions–Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

This is an interesting episode in which Axe goes up against the local political power structure, represented by Chuck’s father and friends, the clubby Eastern Establishment blue bloods who despise Axe because he is nouveau riche. These Philips Exeter types don’t ever want to allow the piratical upstart Axe to join their exclusive ranks.

Axe is flabbergasted by them when he goes to their club to confront them. They sit there in their clubroom in green leather chairs and smirk at him through clouds of cigar smoke as he bursts into the room, fit to be tied. He wants to know why they’re trying to ruin him. They just sit there smirking, thinking, “You’re not one of us and you’ll never be one of us no matter how many billions you have.” Axe stands there, spitting and simmering, shaking with rage, unable to comprehend why they hate him so much.

Axe doesn’t realize that he has come up against the clubby WASP power structure that hates him for being an outsider. It’s not just about how much money you have, but it’s about your breeding. And according to the blue blood power brokers, Axe has the breeding of a plowhorse compared to theirs of thoroughbreds. The only thing blue about Axe is his collar.

In this scene Axe realizes he’ll never be a member of the club, and the realization infuriates him. This episode cuts to the heart of the problem, the source of the conflict between Chuck and Axe that drives the series.

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