Billions–Season 2, Episode 12 Recap

Chuck may have destroyed Axe, but in the end he has also destroyed himself, though he doesn’t seem to have realized it yet. He threw away $27 million of his and his father’s money just to take down his mortal enemy Axe. Not only has he sacrificed his money, but now his father won’t even speak to him anymore. And Chuck’s lawyer can’t stand the sight of him for throwing away his money to boot, which the lawyer may never recover even if Chuck wins his case against Axe in the courts where litigation will drag on for years. Chuck’s endless scheming against Axe stems from the depths of the blue blood Chuck’s visceral abhorrence of the nouveaux riches embodied by Axe, the billionaire upstart. If Chuck doesn’t wipe Axe off the map, he’ll wipe himself off in the attempt.

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