What does Amazon’s Acquisition of Goodreads Mean?

Now that Amazon is going to acquire the reading site Goodreads, it can’t be a good thing for Barnes and Noble.  The links to buy Barnes and Noble books were prominently featured on Goodreads.  The Amazon links not so much.  I’m sure that will change soon.

I’m wondering if Barnes and Noble will be allowed to post any of their links on Goodreads after Amazon takes over.  The Goodreads site also has links to other sites that sell books, such as Booksamillion.  Will these links be posted anymore?

Members of Goodreads probably won’t like it if the site becomes merely a shill for Amazon.  For this reason, it would be a good idea for Amazon to continue to allow other booksellers to post their links on the Goodreads site so as to avoid having Goodreads look like a giant advertisement for Amazon.

Self-pubbed digital writers should make out well no matter how things play out at Goodreads. Amazon still offers the best rates of 70 percent for its self-pubbed digital writers, and if these writers make more sales at Amazon on account of Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads, I can’t imagine any writers complaining.

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