All Zombies Must Be Destroyed

Since coexistence with zombies is impossible, there is only one other solution.  Kill them.  All zombies must be destroyed.  They must be annihilated and then burned, if at all possible.  They pose a direct threat to the human race.

They are violent and they are contagious.  Like rabies, the zombie’s disease is spread through the zombie’s saliva that enters the victim’s bloodstream when the zombie bites him.  There is no cure once you have become infected.  I repeat, there is no known antidote for the disease spread by zombies.  A zombie’s victim will turn into a zombie himself.  As soon as a human is bitten by a zombie, that human can no longer be considered human.  He must be treated as a zombie.

Until an antidote for the zombie’s disease can be discovered, all zombies must be destroyed.  I cannot repeat this often enough.  All zombies must be destroyed.

In my next blog the methods of killing a zombie will be discussed.

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