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Pawn Sacrifice

Interesting movie about the chess master Bobby Fischer as he plays Russian roulette with a mental breakdown even as he becomes the number one chess player in the world. According to this movie, the federal government was helping fund his … Continue reading

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Narcos–where’s the rest of it?

I watched ten episodes of Narcos, and that’s all I could stream on Netflix.  Where’s the rest of the series?  Are they going to just let Pablo Escobar escape?  I wanted to see the end where the government hunts him … Continue reading

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I’ve been watching Narcos on Netflix.  It seems a little long, but overall it’s fascinating how coke kingpin Pablo Escobar held Colombia in thrall as he alternately fought or bribed the government so he could continue his illegal enterprise and … Continue reading

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Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy is a creepy, unsettling movie that reminds me of Michael Haneke’s Funny Games in that regard.  But I didn’t find it scary.  It does have a good plot twist in the ending.  It’s sickening watching what the main … Continue reading

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They’re not telling you everything

Read Countdown to Death, a new high-octane thriller from Bryan Cassiday.

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Zoo ending

I don’t know how they’re going to end Zoo on TV.  It probably won’t be like the book’s ending, since they’ve changed a lot of the book.  It will be interesting to see how they end it.  Maybe they’ll leave … Continue reading

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Countdown to Death is available for preorder

Bryan Cassiday’s high-octane new thriller Countdown to Death is now available for preorder at Amazon. Los Angeles private detective Ethan Carr is sucked into a vortex of hackers, cabals, and assassination plots.

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