Wipeout is in the wings

Bryan Cassiday’s breakneck thriller Wipeout is in the wings.  A troubled PI must find out who his amnesiac client is.

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Wipeout, the third book in the Ethan Carr PI series, will be available in 2017.  A distraught amnesiac hires Carr to find out who he is and why somebody’s trying to kill him.

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Bryan Cassiday, the Mind for Mayhem

Watch out.  Coming your way will be a nice discount on Bryan Cassiday’s explosive zombie thriller Zombie Apocalypse:  The Chad Halverson Series.  Be on the lookout for the discount at Amazon.  Coming soon . . . Beware:  high-impact zombie horror epic.


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The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 1

Did the graphic violence in the premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead go beyond the pale?  To my mind, the head bashing seemed to go on a tad too long.  I don’t know if we needed to see the endless pounding of the victim’s head into a bloody pulp.  How many times did the leather-jacketed Jeffrey Dean Morgan have to pummel the guy’s head with a bat wrapped in barbed wire to prove what a heel he is?  On the other hand, nobody can deny this episode was one of the most powerful and gripping ever shown on the series.

Even while heads were being pulverized into red paste and eyes were popping out of smashed heads (“Doesn’t that hurt?”), I needed to keep watching, transfixed by the gore. For the most part, it wasn’t violence for the sake of violence.  It seemed rooted into the story and revealed the villain’s brutal character.  I’m of two minds.  I believe the show worked.  However, the graphic violence probably went on a little longer than necessary.

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The Accountant review

The Accountant is an intricate thriller with an assassin who isn’t your garden-variety mass murderer.  He is autistic and he also happens to be an accountant.  Some of his clients include Mafia capos and various other criminal bosses.  Ben Affleck is good as the accountant who can’t express his feelings to other people because of his autism.  Even though he’s emotionally handicapped, he is a whiz at math and killing people.  It’s a good story idea having an autistic killer but perhaps overdone.  A bit too maudlin for my sake with the autistic children scenes, it nevertheless has plenty of action and plenty of story to hold the interest and has a nice twist near the end.  But who was that woman who assigned the accountant his jobs over the phone?  Maybe they’ll make a sequel to fill us in.

I recommend this action-packed thriller.  Why doesn’t Hollywood make more thrillers for adults like this?  Then I could go to the movies more often.

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Creepy Clowns

There’s nothing scarier than creepy clowns.  Evil clowns have a special place in hell.  When I was a kid, I recall seeing a George Reeves Superman episode on TV that had an evil clown in it.  The evil clown unnerved me.  It was scary watching this bad clown robbing banks and threatening Superman with a gun.  To this day I can still recall that episode, but have trouble recalling any of the other ones.  It just shows what a deep impression an evil clown makes on children.  A clown is supposed to be your funny friend.  When it turns out he’s just the opposite, it’s truly appalling.  It’s like Kevin McCarthy finding out his girlfriend is now one of the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers when he’s hiding in the mine shaft with her.  It’s like the kid in Invaders from Mars finding out his parents are working for the Martians . . .

Which begs the question, why are so many of these creepy clown sightings occurring?  Not a day goes by without a creepy clown sighting on the news.  Bad clowns jumping on the back bumper of a school bus.  Bad clowns wielding chain saws and terrorizing people in a park in London.  They’re all over the world.

Halloween’s approach is probably flushing these creepy clowns out of the woodwork, but who knows? The only thing I know is when funny becomes scary, it’s twice as scary.

If you see a guy dressed in a clown suit standing on the street with a shock of red hair and a big red nose and oversized shoes and a chalk white face, I say it’s a good idea to avoid him.

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Explosive zombie action in Chad Halverson boxed set

The explosive zombie action in Bryan Cassiday’s boxed set Zombie Apocalypse:  The Chad Halverson Series will set your teeth on edge.  What force on earth can stop the zombies?Nobody knows.  All they can do is continue fighting, trying to kill the zombies before the zombies can kill them.  The ensuing zombie bloodbath is brutal and relentless–with the zombies gaining the upper hand all over the earth.  Get it now at Amazon.


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E-book giveaway on Amazon of Zombie Apocalypse: The Chad Halverson Series

Enter the giveaway now for a chance to win a free e-book of Bryan Cassiday’s zombie epic Zombie Apocalypse:  The Chad Halverson Series at Amazon.


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James Patterson, Thriller Author

Whether you love him or hate him because of all his fame and millions, which are unheard-of for most writers, James Patterson is a pro who knows how to tell a story and do it well.  His thrillers are consistently entertaining, despite the vast quantity he churns out.

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Westworld Comes to TV

Westworld on HBO is an interesting series with potential, although I find it confusing. Where are the humans that patronize the theme park?  It seems like everyone in the theme park is a robot.

In the Michael Crichton movie of the same name, the heroes are the humans that visit the park and are subsequently terrorized by the robots that go berserk, namely, Yul Bryner’s black-outfitted gunslinger character.

The only humans in the television series are the ones that service the robots.  Apparently, we are supposed to root for the robots as they slowly become conscious and decide they don’t like their programed fates.

Still, if humans don’t patronize the theme park and interact with the robots, what’s the point of building it?  Where’s the fun in it?

The patrons of the theme park should make an appearance.  If they’re already there, I can’t tell them from the robots.  How are we supposed to know who’s a robot and who’s a human patron?  The only humans we’ve seen are the repairmen and the scientists that created the robots.  Then again, maybe they’re robots, too.  In which case, who created them?


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