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Personal Shopper review

This movie doesn’t work for me.  It is a cross between a ghost story and a mystery thriller. The mystery is too easy to solve.  The villain is so obvious a seven-year-old could figure out who it is.  This part … Continue reading

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American Psycho

I know American Psycho is a play now on Broadway, which I haven’t seen, but I did recently watch the movie of the same name for the second time where Patrick Bateman carves a path of blood on Wall Street. Parts … Continue reading

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Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy is a creepy, unsettling movie that reminds me of Michael Haneke’s Funny Games in that regard.  But I didn’t find it scary.  It does have a good plot twist in the ending.  It’s sickening watching what the main … Continue reading

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Countdown to World War Z

Will the writer of the World War Z screenplay keep the wit and satire of the book, or will he go straight for the horror elements in it?  It’s fine with me if he sticks to the horror aspects of … Continue reading

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