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Billions–Season 2, Episode 11 Recap

The plotting in this episode was flawless. It unfolds like a three-dimensional chess game. Just when you think you have it all figured out, the screenwriters pull the rug out from under you with expertly utilized flashback scenes. This is … Continue reading

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Is Legion for real?

I saw the new TV series Legion by Noah Hawley on TV the other night. Weird and confusing, but fascinating show. Nicely directed. Quirky characters in an insane asylum involved with nefarious types. Reminds me of Twin Peaks and Clockwork Orange.

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The TV series Taboo continues to intrigue me. It’s relentlessly dreary, but beautifully acted and lavishly produced. It’s a great period-piece melodrama. There’s always something grungy and vile going on between assorted miscreants bent on doing each other harm.  A … Continue reading

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Westworld Comes to TV

Westworld on HBO is an interesting series with potential, although I find it confusing. Where are the humans that patronize the theme park?  It seems like everyone in the theme park is a robot. In the Michael Crichton movie of the … Continue reading

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